Saturday, May 21, 2005

cuban feast

cuban feast
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The menu: skirt steak marinated in mojo criollo with chimichurri sauce on top, tostones (deep fried plantains), black beans...

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Rafael said...

What a feast!! I run only to be able to eat that kind of food without effectively busting any belt!!

By the way, I love tres leches, it's one of my mother's favorite recipes, or at least it used to be. I shouldn't forget to put it on the list of things I like my mom to cook during my yearly visit to Costa Rica next July.

Your food blog is wonderful. I like food as well but I'm not very good at cooking. My wife and I, like good Costarricans, enjoy inviting friends over and preparing nice traditional dinners. Well, she does all the hardcore stuff, but I'm usually in charge of chopping vegetables, setting up the table, doing the dishes and preparing coffee (I love good coffee). Last time we had "tamales" and "escabeche", and next week, in order to celebrate our Asian trip, we'll have a Japanese-themed barbecue with yakitori, sushi and Sapporo beer. Good stuff.